Growth Mindset

Welcome to the page that has the power to change your life!!!!

Welcome to theGrowth Mindset’ page. We hope this will help you to support positive attitudes towards learning and high self-esteem in your children at home, just as we are doing in school.

We are always talking to the children about using a  growth mindset at school. We start every term by reminding them how important a growth mindset is for learning. The children are really taking this on board and now use growth mindset language to help each other, which is fantastic.

We feel that it is time our children shared the magic of YET with you so that you can encourage them in the best possible way and experience the benefits of a growth mindset in your own lives!

The picture below explains the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Which do you think it is more helpful and more fun to be? Which one are you? Which is your child? You will probably find that you are fixed in some things and growth in others.


It has been proven that having a Growth Mindset can improve children’s progress and attainment. As a result, we are teaching our children that by having a Growth Mindset they can grow their brains and intelligence and achieve anything they want!

Click on the images below to unleash the power of YET and learn more about the importance of a growth mind-set and how to use growth mind set praise and feedback – remember this will help your child and YOU!!


The mindset quiz:


How You Can Help at Home


We ran a very successful Growth Mindset information evening in the spring term.  We will hold the next one in September to kick the new school year off with a positive swing.

Watch these entertaining videos with your child to learn everything you need for a positive, happier, more successful learning experience.


We hope you enjoyed the information on these pages and found it helpful. We would be interested to hear any feedback.                        minset-brain-image