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House Points – 17th November 2017House points

             1723                         1410                          1459                            1261    

Every child when they start at Hadrian Academy is placed in one of four houses that they will remain in for the their whole time at the school.  The system is aimed at encouraging a healthy team ethos and points are earned for good behaviour as well as achievement, in the classroom and around the school as well as on sports days.

Each house has a colour – St David is Yellow, St George is Red, St Andrew is Blue and St Patrick is Green.

Full details of our House system can be found by clicking here House Policy.

Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2017/2018

St Davids:  Kitty and Tyran
St Georges: Rebecca and Joshua
St Andrews: Anneliese and Zain
St Patricks: Kelly and Brooke

Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2016/2017


All house points were totalled whilst everyone waited in assembly to hear who would be this year’s House Champions. Finally St Patricks were announced as this year’s House Champions and the trophy was awarded by Mrs Ingham to the House Captains Leo and Lakshman.

St Andrews:  Shakira Sheikh and Jessica Burden

St Davids:  Katie Kingham and Rhys Birch

St Georges: Ola Ciejka and Jacob Marney

St Patricks: Leo Robinson and Lakshman Kannan

House Winners 2015 – 2016

house-winners-2015-16Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2015/2016

St Patricks:   Captain – Kornelia Zagorski   Vice Captain – Isabelle Maynard 

St Davids:  Captain – Aidan Jagdeo    Vice Captain – Eden Linney

St Andrews:  Captain – Keira Robertson    Vice Captain –  Rylee Cannon

St Georges:  Captain – Kyllian Ellis   Vice Captain – Bailey Molyneaux

House Winners 2014 – 2015


Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2014/2015

St Patricks:   Captain – Callum Etherington   Vice Captain – Javanisha Lingaraj

St Davids:  Captain – Captain Ben Kingham    Vice Captain – Aidan Jagdeo

St Georges:  Captain – Shea Boyle   Vice Captain – Charlee Woodward

St Andrews:  Captain Kate Chan    Vice Captain Chanelle Bland



House Winners 2013 – 2014


  Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2013/2014

During the special assembly for the opening of our new Year 5 and 6 building our House Captains, House Vice-Captains and House Representatives were announced.  Well done to you all and good luck counting all those House points.

St George – Reece Drew, Lucas Crosby, Ashley Stokes, Eleanor Rawlings and Joshua Barker

St Patrick – Henry Maynard, Kornelia Zagorski, Jake Black, Sara Pole and Prajavan Lingaraj

St David – Harriette Hewitt, Mason Peck, Harrison Taylor, Ryan Siddons and Kitty Linney

St Andrew Cara Wakefield, Keira Robertson, Holly O’Leary, Dylan McCorkindale and Anneliese Plumley

Updated 14,2,2014

We are half way through the school year and St Patricks are presently leading but the other houses are not too far behind.   With lots of points still to be awarded keep up the good work everyone.

House Points 2012 – 13

Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2012/2013

Individual and team efforts are working their way through the school as children and staff actively participate with our newly introduced House Points System this academic year.

Following a very successful Sports Day 2013 the points were all tallied and the winners of Sports Day 2013 was announced to a waiting crowd as St Andrews.  Congratulations also to all the children who took part in making this such a fun, fair, family day.  You can look at a selection of photos including the parent/teacher race below.

Sports Day points were added to those earned over the school year to make the House Champions of 2013 St Davids!  The trophy was awarded to the House Captains but everyone was welcome to hold the Winners Trophy.

photo trophy web

St Davids House Winners

.Full details of our House system can be found by clicking here House Policy.