Garden Wildlife

beds garden wildlifeOur very own Mr Mulcahy has created a website featuring the wildlife that inhabits his garden. Featured below are just a few pictures taken of animals visiting his garden.  Click here to go to the website where you can see the full range of photos, some amazing video footage and live images. You will be surprised by what you see and maybe you will look at your garden in a different way.

What have you spotted in your garden?  Any photos can be sent to and appear here on our website.

Mr Mulcahy has now placed 5 new nesting boxes strategically around the school grounds. Now we just have to wait and see if any of our local birds decide to nest in any of them. Wouldn’t that be GREAT!

104 a    105a   108a

109a   121a

If you have enjoyed investigating Mr Mulcahy’s website, for more information on ‘Giving Nature a Home’ why not go to the following RSPB web page.

18th March 2015

One of our nesting boxes has a prospective new tenant paying it a visit.  Today a blue tit was spotted having a look around to see if it is suitable for laying it’s eggs in.  Fingers crossed and remember to watch this space!

Blue tit March 15



Weather Underground PWS IENGLAND1310

September 2016 – At Hadrian we are really pleased that our weather station is now fully functional and relaying up to date information back every 15 seconds.  What a great opportunity for pupils to join in cross-curricular learning of weather systems, science, data collection and analysis.

Just click on this image check out the temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation and UV levels to name but a few.