Year 5

Year 5a

Welcome to Cornwall and Lancashire Classes

Welcome to Year 5 at Hadrian Academy we hope that you are looking forward to this year. This is an important year as it sets the ground work for Year 6 and ultimately making important decisions regarding which secondary school your child will transfer to.

Your teachers are Mrs Lawson and Miss Sharma who will teach Cornwall Class and Miss Baxter who will teach Lancashire Class.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Randall and Mrs Lingaraj.  Mrs Maitland offering 1:1 support.


We have P.E lessons on a Wednesday each week.  Your child needs to wear their PE kit to school.  This will include their house t-shirt, jumper, navy tracksuit bottoms, royal blue shorts and black trainers.


Swimming will take place on a Wednesday morning in the Summer term 1 for Cornwall class and Spring term 2 for Lancashire class. Your child will need to bring in a separate bag their swimming gear: swimming costume (no bikinis), hat (if hair is long, girls and boys) and towel. No goggles.  Payment for swimming can be made through your Parentmail account.  A reminder will be sent out nearer the time.


We welcome any questions you have and the best time to catch us is usually after school.  Please check your Parentmail account regularly for letters, reminders and upcoming events.  Thank you


We have lots of exciting learning planned for the year!  Please follow this link to find out more details of the exciting topics and curriculum covered in year 4.


Lunchtime is from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.  A daily register is taken for children to have either a school dinner or packed lunch.  School dinners are charged at £2.20 per meal and payments are to be made via your Parentmail account.

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Super Spellings Year 5 &6

Year 5 & 6 Super Spellings

20th January 2017 – Year 5 performed in front of the whole school today.


March 2017

During our Jigsaw lessons we have been learning about how to keep our bodies safe and healthy. One of our favourite lessons was about emergency situations, including how to get help and how to put somebody into the recovery position!

We thought really carefully about how to act in an emergency, and we all agreed that being calm really helps. If you follow the website link you will be able to see a video of us in action!


Transition – Please look through the presentation for some useful information to help aid a smooth transition for your child from Year 5 to Year 6 in September.

Transition Presentation


Year 6 – Curriculum





Curriculum Overview  Summer Term

Curriculum Overview Spring Term

Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 


Spelling – Year 6 will be using ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ designed to meet the latest curriculum requirements in a manageable and effective way.


accelerated reader 2

Children will then progress on from Bug Club and participate in Accelerated Reader a programme aimed at motivating students to read by guiding them to books suitable for their reading level. Students work at their individual level, developing confidence and becoming independent readers. For full details click here.

We reward regular readers with extra playtime and other special ‘Star Reader’ events.


Across Hadrian Academy we follow a handwriting scheme called ‘Letter-join’. As children get older and move through the school we still have regular handwriting lessons to improve quality, speed and stamina of handwriting.

  • Quality: Ensure letters are consistently sized with equal word spacing and that ascenders and descenders are parallel and do not touch words on the lines above and below.
  • Speed: Improve speed of handwriting to allow creative writing to take precedence over the task of handwriting and be able to take ‘quick notes’ at a faster pace.
  • Stamina: Have the strength and mobility to be able to write for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Follow the link to find out more about how you can help at home.

 Click here to view our Handwriting policy.



At Hadrian Academy we use ‘Target Maths’, which fully supports teaching of the National Curriculum, for our daily maths lessons. It is a structured scheme that enables teachers to develop concepts progressively throughout the year and provides children with frequent opportunities to consolidate their learning.

We also use Assertive Mentoring to support our assessment for learning, so we know where the children are in their growing knowledge and skills.

Additionally, the children take art in a daily challenge that is designed to develop speed and fluency in maths.



SMSC – Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural and British Values

SMSC is taught as part of an integrated curriculum throughout the school day. The children are encouraged to be kind, empathetic citizens who respect and embrace our country’s diverse society. Relationships and personal safety are discussed to ensure the children feel secure and safe.

We use the resources in the ‘Jigsaw’ programme as our teaching tool and invite ‘BIG Talk Education’ into school annually to talk with the children, parents and staff about relationships and sex education.


Click here for Internet Safety.


Science at Hadrian Academy involves giving the children experiences of a wide range of practical work as well as developing scientific skills and attitudes to promote the enjoyment of learning about science. Each term the children will learn about a different aspect of

We want children to ask questions, develop their thinking skills and be reflective of their experiences.

Currently, the whole school are working towards being awarded the PSQM, Primary Schools Quality Mark. Click here to find our more.


In geography at Hadrian Academy we aim to help children to make sense of their surroundings and to gain a better appreciation and understanding of the variety of physical and human conditions on the earth’s surface.

In history our aim is to develop in children an understanding of how people have lived in different times in the past and to develop a respect for cultural traditions and history of our school and the United Kingdom.

Topics are selected for each key stage and follow a two year rolling programme.



We are an active school! We aim to develop confidence and competence in physical skills appropriate to the age and ability, so that children may appreciate exercise and recreational as an enjoyable and important option for life. Through encouraging team games we aim to help children learn the importance of working together.

There are various clubs run at school at the end of the school day for children to join. Each lunch time the children access to a range of equipment aimed to increase activity.

Click on the below image to visit our Sports page.

sports figures


French is the chosen language at Hadrian Academy. The emphasis is on conversation about subjects that are familiar to the children. For example family, sport, weather and food.

As the children get older in years 5 and 6 we develop the writing of language. To support the staff we use a variety of materials to ensure the correct punctuation is demonstrated with the children.


We are a musical school. As a Platinum Sing Up award holder we ensure that the children sing at least once every day across the curriculum. We also invite professional peripatetic teachers to teach all children to read music and play an instrument to a high standard in years 4-6, to engage and inspire children to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

Children in KS2 are all welcome to join our prestigious extra curricular choir, and the children have the opportunity to play their instruments together in a band.


We celebrate all the arts and hold the Gold Artsmark. We follow the LCP scheme of work for visual arts and adapt it where possible to link with other subjects across the curriculum. Our art lessons teach children the knowledge and skills to experiment, produce creative work, become proficient in different techniques, evaluate works of art and learn about great artists and designers.

We run several extra curricular Art and Craft Clubs and also invite Love Art and Craft to run a weekly club after school.


Children across the school all cover the Speaking and Listening curriculum in class. In addition to this every child has the opportunity to sign up to train for and take LAMDA examinations. These are designed to equip learners, whatever their age or aspirations, with a range of skills which will serve them throughout life. Preparation for an examination can unlock imagination and creative-thinking, develop communication skills, refine technical skills and artistry, and promote team-work. The examinations themselves provide learners with an opportunity to measure progress against an international standard, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and receive appraisal and guidance for future development. Children are given feedback on their performance, whether they pass or fail, they will be told how to improve. Excellent children pass with merit or distinction. Everyone who passes receives a certificate. Last year our results were excellent with the majority gaining merits or distinctions.




Year 6 – Homework

Homework content for Hadrian Academy’s Year 6. In Year 6 homework is always linked to the learning the children are about to do or are doing in class. Many children enjoy the help their parents give them but further independence is seen and often the children are very creative in their presentation. When marking the class teachers use Orange Glow, which indicates something done well, and Green Shoots, which indicates something to develop.

Summer 2017 – We shall no longer be displaying homework on the school website.

Spring Term 2 – 2017

31.3.2017 Leo Robinson – Highlands

31.3.2017 Jake Black – Highlands

24.3.2017 Abdoul Doucoure – Kent Class

17.3.2017 Malakai Mafoh – Kent Class

6.3.2017 Luca Harvey – Highlands Class

Spring Term 1 – 2017

10.2.2017 Maddison Chambers – Kent Class

27.1.2017 Katie Kingham – Kent Class

27.1.2017 Isabelle Maynard – Kent Class

20.1.2017 Matthew Pala – Highlands Class

20.1.2017 Eden Linney – Highlands Class

13.1.2017 Emma Pala – Kent Class

Autumn Term 2 – 2016

09.12.2016 Benjamin Sinclair – Highlands Class

25.11.2016 Matthew Pala – Highlands Class

18.11.2016 Rylee Cannon – Kent Class

18.11.2016 Hamzah Islam – Highlands Class

11.11.2016 Abdoul Doucoure – Kent Class

11.11.2016 Alex Segbefia – Highlands Class

Autumn Term 1 – 2016

21.10.2016 Harrison Taylor – Highlands Class 

21.10.2016 Malakai Mafoh – Kent Class

14.10.2016 Ashley Stokes – Highlands Class

14.10.2016 Emma Pala – Kent Class

6.10.2016 Hope Rogers – Highlands Class

30.9.2016 Elias McCalla – Highlands

30.9.2016 Danny Ridler – Kent Class

23.9.2016 Joshua Allen – Highlands Class

23.9.2016 Naahul Konasan – Kent Class

16.9.2016 Hamzah Islam – Highlands Class

16.9.2016 Danny Ridler – Kent Class

Summer Term 2 – 2016

01.07.16 – Shannon Laird – Purple Class

01.07.16 – Malakai Mafoh – Purple Class

01.07.16 – Bernadette Boyle – Purple Class

01.07.16 – Kyle Cullen – Icterine Class

01.07.16 – Keanan Lee Lawrence – Saphire Class

01.07.16 – Ashley Stokes – Icterine Class

17.06.16 – Louie Parker – Icterine Class

17.06.16 – Hollie Strange – Saphire Class

17.06.16 – Charlotte Liddiard – Icterine Class

Summer Term 2016

27.05.16 – Kornelia Zagorski – Saphire Class

27.05.16 – Emma Pala – Purple Class

27.05.16 – Maddison Chambers – Icterine Class

20.5.2016 Year 5/6 no homework this set after SATs week

13.5.2016 – Ella Waxman – Sapphire Class

6.5.2016 Year 5/6 had MyMaths online homework this week

29.04.16 – Reece Tornsey – Icterine Class

29.4.2016 Year 5/6 had MyMaths online homework this week

22.04.16 – Malakai Mafoh – Purple Class

22.04.16 – Kai Beale – Purple Class