Teaching maths for mastery is an approach that enables children to develop mathematical fluency without rote learning and means that all children are capable of answering reasoning and problem solving questions independently. Hadrian follows the Power Maths scheme, which is a programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement, and nurture confidence in maths. Characters are used throughout the scheme to reflect positive skillsets, to inspire and motivate children.

Our aim is for all children to have a deep understanding of maths concepts and the ability to believe they can achieve anything they are tasked with. Our focus for the past year has been to ensure children are speaking in full sentences when answering a maths question. We believe that if children have the language they need and have the opportunity to use this on a daily basis that it supports their journey through mastery.

As a school, we are working as part of the Enigma Maths Hub to ensure our teaching is always high-quality and we are kept up to date with the latest developments in the mastery field.

Here at Hadrian, we also place a great emphasis on learning and understanding our number facts and for Year 2 and above, this means our times tables. We are subscribed to Timestables Rockstars, a game that encourages children to practice their times tables and once they know them to increase their speed. Once children know the times tables for their year group, they are encouraged to take part in Hadrian’s Golden Pass. This is a timed times tables test and once children pass they receive a key ring that allows them to access special events throughout the year. These events have previously included milkshake parties, a sweet shop and a scooter afternoon.

Calculation policies

Examples of Golden Pass Test
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4, 5 and 6
Year 5 and 6 Challenge

These events have previously included milkshake parties, a sweet shop and a scooter afternoon.


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