Year Group Progression


We want our children to leave Hadrian with a wide knowledge and understanding of the world. By clicking on your child’s year group here you will find a set of knowledge organisers. These contain the key knowledge that your child will learn throughout the year. This knowledge will be assessed using low stakes quizzes and more open written tasks. Although they will touch on many more exciting facts during the academic year, the knowledge organisers should help your child organise their thoughts and highlight the most important facts that we want them to remember before they move to the next year. 

We have organised our topics around enquiry questions so that children can apply their learning to their own lives, inspired by Jonathan Lear’s ideas explained in his book, The Monkey-Proof Box. In your child’s year group tab, you will also find an overview of the year so you can see when they will be studying different topics and how those topics will link together and support each other.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”

Although knowledge is important, children need to be taught the skills to contextualise it; each year of a child’s education is an important step in their educational journey. On this page, you can see how we scaffold the skills that your child will learn so that they can build on and spiral back to the skills that are most important for them to succeed.  During their journey they will have many opportunities to experience other skills. This is because we want to work with the children, their interest and what’s happening in the world. The skills on this page represents the ‘google maps’ of the full and varied safari that your child will experience.



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