School Dinners

Hot lunches are provided by ABM Catering and prepared daily on the school premises  by our cooks and catering assistants providing quality, fresh, nutritious food for the school children.

A variety of choices for our children
Children are able to choose from three hot meal options each day.  A meat and vegetarian option and a jacket potato option with a filing. Wholemeal bread, seasonal fresh vegetables, fresh salad, yoghurts and fruit will also be available daily. A fresh daily dessert will also be available. A rolling three week menu rota is in place which is run as follows:–

ABM Menu 1 – weeks beginning 28th Oct, 18th November, 9th December, 13th January, 3rd February, 2nd March & 23rd March

ABM Menu 2 – weeks beginning 4th November, 25th November, 16th December, 20th January, 10th February, 9th March & 30th March

ABM Menu 3 – weeks beginning 11th November, 2nd December, 6th January, 27th January, 24th February and 16th March

How does it work?
Children in all Year groups choose their meal option each morning in class with younger children receiving support from their class teacher including visual prompts and easy to understand descriptions of each food choice on offer. We have found that children, even in the youngest year groups, are remarkably self-sufficient and actually thrive when given a degree of responsibility for their choices.

Each child will be given a colour coded wrist band so that our kitchen staff can be sure each child is receiving the meal option they chose as well as accommodating special dietary requirements where appropriate.

How much does it cost?
In line with the Government Universal Free School Meals scheme, children in Reception and years 1 and 2 are entitled to a daily free school meal.  For all other children in years 3 to 6 the cost of a meal is £2.30 a day. All payments are to be made online via your ParentMail account.

PMX Parentmail


Free School Meals are available to some children according to family income. To see if you are entitled to free school meals follow this link to the Central Bedfordshire website. You can also phone and speak to someone direct on 0300 300 8306.  It is important to register your entitlement to free school meals, even if your child has a packed lunch – this is so we can receive additional government funding (Pupil Premium) which can be used to help your child.

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