At Hadrian Academy we expect that all children come into school dressed appropriately at all times. Research shows that school uniforms support a safe and disciplined learning environment which is the first requirement of any good school.

We believe that our school uniform
•    instills a sense of community
•    helps children concentrate on their work by removing distractions
•    helps children and parents resist peer pressure
•    enables all children to look tidy and smart

By wearing their school uniforms, children will become part of the Hadrian Academy team and experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging.

Up-to-date uniform details are given in the document below. Just click on the link to view/download.  Please note in years 1-4 it is compulsory for children to bring the Royal blue school logo book bag into school with them.

Uniform Policy

School Uniform Pricing List – available from Bestlook

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