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lets get cooking websiteLet’s get cooking is a national scheme which aims to teach children from a young age, the joy of food, both cooking and of course, eating.

Karen Let's Get CookingSally Let's Get CookingAt Hadrian our club is run by Miss Smith and Mrs Carr.  On a Tuesday after school between 3.15pm and 4.15pm an excited group of children come along to our ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ club.  This club started in September and has given the opportunity to children from each year group and presently this involves children from  year 1.  Each week the children get to take home the dish that they have made for their family to try.

In addition to basic hygiene, the children are taught most of the key culinary skills including chopping, slicing, dicing, kneading, mixing, weighing, measuring, peeling, grating, combining and rubbing in.

In the photos below the year 4 pupils are preparing cottage pie and apple crumble.  Mrs Carr and Miss Smith are incredibly impressed at the skills they have shown.


Children in year 1 are making apple and raspberry crumble.  Why not have a go yourself?  This recipe and a few more are available in our recipe section.  Look out for a few more over the weeks.

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Spaghetti Bolognaise    Chicken Frajita         Apple & Blackberry   Raspberry Muffins

Our new recipes – In the first half of the Summer term year 2 are participating in Let’s Get Cooking and doing a great job.


summer-vegetable  spicy-traffic-pan-rice  mini-pops

Summer Minestrone Soup        Spicy Traffic Light Rice                  Mini Pops

   apple-pops    quorn-lasagne

Chocolate Apple Pops                             Quorn Meat Free Lasagne


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