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Mental Maths Magician 2017 

The finals took place over three afternoons in May with all finalists entered into the first quick fire round.  Only the team of four who answered the most correct answers went through to the individual round.





Mental Maths Magician 2016 Results –  We held our second very successful annual Mental Math Magician Competition on 8th June 2016.  Every year group had their own competition with Mrs Ingham our quiz master and Mrs Edwards in charge of the numbers.  All the children performed really well and the results can be found below.

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Mental Maths Magician 2015 Results –  Our first annual Mental Math Magician Competition took place on Friday 5th June at Hadrian and here are the results.

Mental Maths winners

Mental Maths Winners are Mariam, Jasui, Alice, Dominic, Amaan and Joshua.


EYFS Finalists – Cory Cruickshank, Owen Fry, Shaan Jalil, Alfie George, Harrison Goode, Kenson Gurney, Amirah Janjuha, Mariam Janjuha, Moriyike Owodele, Reuben Pienaar, Joy Stock, Lola Williams  and Zeeshan Zain.

Year 1 Finalists – Rhea Carroll, Emily Flint, Julia Jagdeo, Mollie Marney, Ewan McLachlan, Nasri Mudibaako, Jasui Stern and Harry Williams

Year 2 Finalists – Caolan Addison, Alice Arter, Hayden Black, Regan Cannon, David Czupryna, Kaavish Konasan, Lilly McGowan and Poppy Surridge.

Year 3 Finalists – Brooke Brown, Zain Janjuha, Farouk Jawando, Louisa Kellegher, Tia Katuwawala, Ryan Siddons, Dominic Stachura and Ben Stock

Year 4 Finalists – Rylee Cannon, Maddison Chambers, Ola Ciejka, Amaan Khan, Naahul Konasan, Chris Perera, Ashley Stokes and Harrison Taylor

Year 5/6 Finalists – Kate Chan, Reece Drew, Rose Gower, Jacob Hewson, Aidan Jagdeo, Hierushoth Kannan, Javanisha Lingaraj, Katarina Monteiro, Keira Robertson, Tevin Sherif, Joshua Stamato, Kian Thompson and Faith Tilcock

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