House Points

House Points 2021 -22

House points updated 24th June 2022

House points

                                         246                             197                          200                            245

Every child when they start at Hadrian Academy is placed in one of four houses that they will remain in for the their whole time at the school.  The system is aimed at encouraging a healthy team ethos and points are earned for good behaviour as well as achievement, in the classroom and around the school as well as on sports days.

Each house has a colour – St David is Yellow, St George is Red, St Andrew is Blue and St Patrick is Green.

Full details of our House system can be found by clicking here House Policy.

Our elected House Captains and Vice Captains for 2021/22

   St Davids:   Riley and Zoe
 St Georges:  Jack and Luca
 St Andrews:   Gianna and KJ
  St Patricks:   Ava And Bella
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