Aspirational & Academic

At Hadrian Academy we pride ourselves on setting high academic standards. More importantly, we work hard to make sure that every child aspires to achieve their personal best. We do this by running competitions, by ensuring that we have lots of academic rewards that (with determination) all children can achieve and by choosing child led topics that are designed to motivate and engage.

We also believe that attitude is everything and so work with children to develop a growth mindset.

Scroll down the page to see what we have been up to recently. Thank you to our student journalists who have written the description.

Year 1 made disgusting, slimy snot so they could use adjectives and adverbs to describe it.They followed instructions, used the right measurements and it turned out to look like real snot! Would you like to make fake snot? Isabel and Lucas Year 6 journalists.

Matific is the best Maths competition, it has tonnes of levels. It’s a competition that happened all over the world. Guess who won… HADRIAN ACADEMY! We all got very excited and the reward was £1000. Akash & Andre Year 6 journalist.  

Money Twist was awesome, we learnt lots of stuff about money. One thing was seeing how much money everybody spends each year. People spend a lot! We like to save our money – that’s what we will do when we are grown up. Clara & Ivet Year 3 journalists.

I was in a team that was in the finals! I was nervous and excited, Miss Pethybridge gave us a sheet to practice and I used it all evening without giving up. Ivet Year 3 journalist

I was cheering on my friends because they were doing so well. I want to see what Maths is like in Year 4 and then maybe try to get into the finals. Clara Year 3 journalist