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Artsmark goldHadrian Academy is now an Artsmark Gold School!  We are very proud of our recent award of Artsmark Gold which was awarded in Spring 2016.  Artsmark is an award that recognises  a school’s commitment to the high quality development of the arts across the curriculum, have excellent quality provision in the arts of dance, Art, Music and Drama, that we have been awarded with he highest award of GOLD!

Artsmark has helped us to become more ambitious in how we showcase our arts provision and thank you to the children for their contribution and to everyone who supports our school by attending the events that we proudly share. Artsmark has also helped us to be more reflective and work with a greater variety across all art forms.  LAMDA and the Choir have always been a strong area and continue to flourish. 

      lamda-2014-1      choir web 2

October 2017 – As an ‘Arts Mark Gold’ school we want to make sure that the Arts are evident in everything we do.  The children enjoyed taking part in our dress up day and here you can view some of our very artistic costumes produced to celebrate the end of book week.

We are very lucky to have a piece of artwork presented to us by Mrs Ingham called ‘Seasons’.  You can spot it on the school building as soon as you come in through the main school gates.  Just like the seasons of the year give a different perspective, so will this artwork as its many mirrored surfaces reflect differently throughout the school year.

Year 1 have been learning a Scottish dance as part of their p.e. lesson.  It’s a lot to learn and one group of children were videoed demonstrating what they have achieved so far. Well done year 1. Teaching dance is part of the wider effort to encourage children to lead a healthier lifestyle as well as develope an early introduction to the arts.


Year 4 performing ‘The Morrag’ by RC Scriven as part of our Friday celebration assembly on 12th May 2017.


    Year 5 also shared a poem in an earlier assembly.


In years 4, 5 and 6 every child is very  fortunate to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument for FREE and every Thursday the children join in a weekly music lesson.  On 30th March a music assembly was held to showcase how the children have progressed, since starting in September, to the rest of the school.

We kicked off March with a singing assembly enjoyed by the whole school.  Each year group had the opportunity to sing a song which they had been practicing.

Celebrate and Shine 2016 photos taken at the dress rehearsal.  The event was shown over two days this year in order to make room for all the parents and other family members lucky enough to get tickets.

Celebrate & Shine web

Hadrian’s Got Talent is our annual talent show competition.  It always brings out a multitude of talents from children all over the school.  Once they have been whittled down to the finalists, everyone gets a chance to vote for their favourite act at the end.

Please enjoy our Festival of Dance which took place on 17th June 2016.  Every year group had a chance to showcase their own chosen style of dance to the other children in school.

Festival of Dance

Celebrate and Shine 2013.