The structure and remit of the Governing Body as well as each sub-committee and class attachments are reviewed and appointed at the first Full Governor’s meeting of each academic year.  The first Full Governor’s meeting of this academic year is 12th November 2018 when new appointments will be made for sub-committees and class attachments.

Hadrian Academy Trust Structure 2018+2019

Structure and remit of sub-committees 2018-2019

Governors of Hadrian Academy 2018&2019

Attendance at previous year’s governor body meetings (2017-2018)

Each Governors’ Committee has its own page and is password-protected, being accessible only by the relevant Governors in each case:

General Correspondence




Premises and Health & Safety

Should you wish to raise any matters or have any queries, please contact Joanna Loisel, Clerk to the Governors on