Hadrian Academy Trust Structure 2021/2022

Members – Responsible for the strategic running and direction of the Academy and responsible for ensuring that the school is run in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Funding Agreement with the Dep. for Education

Angela Leishman (Founding Member) – re-appointed as Governor 11th Nov 2019 – Chairman for 2021/2022 and Member of Finance committee 

Andrew Meadows (Founding Member) – re-appointed as Governor 11th Nov 2019 – Vice Chairman for 2021/2022 and Chair of Finance committee

John Chatterley (Appointed Member) – re-appointed as Governor 12th Nov 2018 – Member of Finance committee

Emma Roberts (Appointed Member) – re-appointed as Governor 12th Nov 2018 – Member of Finance committee


Marion Auker – staff governor – re-appointed 11th Nov 2019

Elizabeth Auker – staff governor – appointed 12th Nov 2018

Linda Deyankeson – staff governor – appointed 1st Jan 2020

Jana Pavlovicova – parent governor – appointed 22nd Feb 2019

Kris Watson – parent governor – appointed 31st Oct 2019 – Member of Finance

Lisa McGill – community governor – appointed 12th Nov 2018

Lisa Went – community governor – apptd 12th Nov 2018 – Member of Finance

  Elaine Faunch – community governor – appointed 16th March 2021

Quentin Mosseray – co-opted governor – appointed 24th March 2022

                 Hannah Bennett – Principal and ex officio – Member of Finance committee 

The Hadrian Academy governing body has a key role in monitoring the work of the school and ensuring that the leadership of the school is effective in ensuring that all children are making the best progress possible, that they are safe and that the academy has a clear strategic direction.  As an academy governor we act as the critical friend to the headteacher and the senior leadership team, and provide support and challenge.

The Governing Body meets every half term and the Governor’s term of office is 4 years.  No Governors have declared any relevant business and pecuniary interest.

Being a governor at Hadrian is both rewarding and fulfilling, we are always pleased to receive comments and observations from parents. In order to facilitate this, any of the governors can be contacted via the school.

We welcome enquiries about joining the governing body and are constantly looking for new governors to diversify our membership in terms of age, skills, life experience and ethnicity.

If you wish to know more, or are interested in becoming a governor, please contact Joanna Loisel, Clerk to Governors on

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